Can math help make us happy?

It certainly makes us happy, sometimes!

At the BeingWellProject, we use state-of-the-art methods from psychometrics, Bayesian statistical inference, and high-end scientific computing, all put to work in the service of global happiness and human flourishing. We are working hard to develop a mathematical modeling framework, based on the theory of stochastic processes, with which we will translate subtle changes in self-reported component measurements over into interpretable, stable characteristics of self-reported well-being. With the use of a dynamic process model we will describe inter-individual differences in terms of quantified short-term and long-term adaptation mechanisms in well-being, and potentially explain these individual differences through personality or environmental characteristics. We strive to understand the complex underpinnings of what contribute to the flourishing of the individual.

You can read the Dynamic Modeling excerpt from the project description here: